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Teaching sales professionals how to disrupt
thought & behavior patterns for optimal success.

I'm Susan McClain, the founder of Natural Success Institute.   I teach sales professionals how to identify patterns that are holding them back (personally & professionally) so they can achieve high performance. 

I have over 15 years in sales and sales leadership, studying Success Principles, meditation, mindset, and using the power of our brain for our success.     

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Are You Ready for High Performance?

We offer online courses, virtual & in-person training or coaching:

The Ultimate Sales Mind Course

Our online course teaches the system of high performance in sales :

*Thoughts (To change your results in life means changing how you think.  The formula to reprogram your mind lives in the question of, "Who do I need to be and how do I get there?")

*Habits (Most of our life consists of repeated habits and patterns.  When you have different experiences, you reprogram your brain to create success.)

*Behavior (When you are intentional in your behavior, you shorten the time it takes to get to your goal.  You'll discover how to change your learning filter and use both sides of your brain to take radical ownership of your life.)

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The Ultimate Sales Mind Coaching & Training

Our virtual or in-person coaching or training is designed to lead you or your team through discovering:

1.  The 4 Agreements of Life (The foundation for everything else you'll learn.)
2. Vision vs Goals (Why you should know which one is more motivating to you.)
3.  Identifying Your Patterns (We all have patterns that affect our results , but for most of us, they are so ingrained, that we don’t even notice them.  And those patterns can hold us back from achieving our biggest vision and goals.)
4.  Taking Action (Create new patterns and new belief systems. This action part of the program is the most important part. Concepts are good, but if we don’t take action on them, we will stay in the same place we are now.)
5.  Getting Past Fear (Fear is what destroys most businesses)
6.  Thinking BIG (Fit more into your day, while being more present with your friends and family. And learn about the kiss of death in sales - our comfort zone.
7.  Master Longevity (Many top salespeople get so burnt out, they leave a profitable and lucrative career. Or worse, they don’t see a way out financially, so they stay in sales, while this business takes a toll on their mind and body. Learn how to release all the negativity of this business so you not only stay in your career long-term, but you truly enjoy your career.

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